My name is Lauren. I always wanted to write books, but that seems like it would take a lot of time and energy, so instead I write this blog. Not writing books really frees me up to pursue my other passions, like eating, laying on top of my dog until she scratches me, and planning hypothetical trips to Italy before looking at my bank account and crying.

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  1. Lauren, I’m your cousin, though you don’t know me because our families are so spread out around the country. Actually I’m your Mom’s first cousin and we were very close as children. I’m replying because you said you always wanted to write books but are concerned about the time and energy. I never thought of writing a book when I was your age but I must tell you that when I retired I decided to write an autobiography which is still in progress. I was shy and felt inferior most of my life. Then I started reading my work as I went along remembering details of my childhood, teens and later years. As a result of reading about my own life, I look at myself differently now and feel real good about myself as a human being. Don’t throw the idea of writing a book away. Start with a journal and later do an autobiography. Your children and grandchildren will have an amazing record of your life.
    Cousin June Maglio Eichler (AKA Tiny)


  2. Starting a blog was my fall back to a novel as well but I hate to admit, it can be pretty satisfying! Great blog, I like your style.


    • I agree with you about blog satisfaction – plus, I feel like I can be way more of a d-bag in a blog than I’d be able to in an actual book for grown-ups. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I learned early on that my ass did not have hands otherwise it would have been wiping itself all along. There is always hope that there are hands back there somewhere getting ready to clap and more importantly getting ready to wipe when necessary! Keep on Bloggin’, and more great wit from you!


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